Frequently Asked Questions.

♣ What does the term exclusive breast feeding mean?
♦Exclusive breast feeding means giving the newborn only breastmilk.No topfeed including water are given to the baby.

♣Is sneezing normal in newborn?
♦Yes ,sneezing is normal in newborn.It doesn’t mean that newborn has a cold.

♣My child is vomiting,can I give him something to drink?
♦Giving ORS in a child who is vomiting is advisable because it helps prevent dehydration.

♣Can I vaccinate my child who is having mild cough & cold ?
♦Yes it is okay to give vaccine to a child who is having mild cough&cold.

♣Doctor my 1yr old child has high fever.What should I do?
♦Give your child 10mg/kg of paracetamol& sponge her with tapwater to get the fever down quickly.

♣Ajay my 18 month old is having loose motions,what should Ido?
♦Give him ORS,see that he passes urine adequately& consult a paediatrican.

♣My 6yr old daughter has fever with rash,what should I do?
♦You need to see a paediatrican at the earliest.